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Claudio Vittori - senior research analyst - e-mobility team

Claudio Vittori is a senior research analyst of supply chain & technology at IHS Markit. His research area includes technology forecasting of e-mobility components, with a specific focus on electric motors, power electronics and charging infrastructure. Claudio has 8 years of experience in e-mobility, having worked for charging station manufacturers, research institutions and an e-vehicle start-up in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Claudio is based in Milan, Italy.


Vehicle technology trends impacting the charging infrastructure ecosystem

This presentation will provide the current state of vehicle-side and infrastructure-side charging technology, considering how the key components, their capabilities and prevalence will grow over a ten-year horizon. Related advances in battery technologies will be touched upon, with context given to the myriad recent announcements around charging performance. Potential deviations to the forecast will be considered in the evaluation of technological progress and regulatory evolution, as well as differences in approach by region. A final outlook on the expected deployment of charging infrastructure ecosystem on the main regions will be also provided.