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Shubham Bhusari - consultant digital mobility services

Shubham Bhusari has over 3 years of experience in the automated driving domain and is passionate about it since his MSc thesis. He has an MSc in Civil Engineering - Transport & Planning from TU Delft, and works as a Product Manager and Intrapreneur within Royal HaskoningDHV. His work mainly involves managing products and projects that involve safety and asset maintenance related assessment of the interaction between the three pillars of transportation: The driver, infrastructure and Vehicle. He strives to develop an integrated safe systems approach aimed to help road operators better prepare for introduction of automated vehicles onto roads.


Infrastructure assessment for automated vehicles

From 2022 onwards the European Commission is issuing to make many ADAS systems mandatory (such as LKS, AEB etc.). This shows a need for road operators (ROs) to prepare their infrastructure and have constructive dialogues with stakeholders such as vehicle Manufacturers, OEMs etc. This will help them reaching safety related policy goals associated with the introduction of these systems. With Infra4AV we provide a data driven method for the ROs to assess infrastructural readiness by mapping out level of service of their roads towards ADAS and identifying edge case situations, helping ROs to make no regret asset maintenance related decisions.