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Sergio Alejandro Perez Romero - sales and business development manager

Sergio holds a PhD and has over 15 years of experience within urban mobility infrastructure and e-mobility transportation. For the last eight years he has been the leading developer and technical advisor for road infrastructure solutions in the field of wireless charging systems for public transport. Sergio is a very driven professional with a passion for turning all city transportation into wireless charging solutions. He strongly believes he can achieve this with IPT Technology. His focus at the company is on sales project management, business development and sales application engineering.


Moving goods and passengers, not batteries. Dynamic Wireless Roadway Charging; fairytale, or realistic solution within five years?

Wireless road charging in travel lanes is one part of a universal charging solution. When combined with wireless stationary charging, smart energy management will lower transportation costs, solve the charging hassle, reduce battery size and price, and provide a realistic solution for one of the most challenging electrified transportation long-haul trucking problems. But what is the status and development of this dynamic road charging technology today, and is this even feasible in five years? IPT has almost 25 years of experience and 80,000 meters of wireless dynamic energy transfer tracks for the industrial markets. In addition, five tested and proven concepts of Dynamic Wireless Road Charging with high power energy transfer at different test locations in Germany and Belgium with varying vehicles like trucks, buses, delivery vans, and passenger cars. Dr Sergio Perez takes you on a journey of wireless charging that will accelerate the energy transition. Bring the charge to the vehicle instead of bringing the vehicle to the charge.