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Raul Bravo - president and founder

Raul is the founder and president of Outsight and the creator of Augmented Lidar technology. He is a telecoms engineer from UPC (Barcelona, Spain) and has an MBA from the College des Ingénieurs (Paris, France). He is a serial tech entrepreneur in the mobile robotics and computer perception industries, with an extensive 20-year background in bootstrapped and VC-backed startup creation and growth, leading one of the companies to an IPO. He has filed 57 patents and won 39 awards during his engineering and entrepreneurial career, among them the MIT Technology Review’s Top 10 Innovators Under 35.


Smart traffic flow monitoring with lidar edge computing

Vehicle and pedestrian flow monitoring have the potential to make our roads and infrastructure smarter and safer by providing insights that allow them to better allocate resources, optimize energy, cut emissions and reduce accidents. However, to be impactful, flow monitoring requires precise perception and situational awareness. In this presentation, we will provide an overview of the different perception technologies and processing techniques that can be used to tackle these situations and dive into the value provided by edge lidar processing. Specific use cases and real-life lidar recordings will be used to illustrate the practical applications.