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James Harris - founder and CEO

Realizing there was a lack of reliable information about planned road disruptions, James founded One.Network in 2012 to improve the way road authorities manage this information. One.Network has become an advanced traffic management and smart mobility solution used by road agencies across the UK, and is now rolling out in the US.


All together now! Data for V2X infrastructure

Realizing the promise of connected vehicles in improving road safety, energy savings and traffic efficiency on the roads will require V2X infrastructure supporting the transfer of information from vehicles to elements of the road system that may affect the vehicle. Fragmented and diverse sources of the correct information inhibit that potential. A single platform used by road authorities, navigation providers, service providers, emergency services and road users is the obvious solution, not just on strategic roads but for the whole network. How could such a network be created, what barriers need to be overcome and what lessons can be learned from aggregating and distributing the real-time road data that currently exists? James Harris, founder and CEO of One.Network, will outline the issues and provide insights from his experience so far.